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How to Choose the Right Hay for Chinchillas

One of the ways you can take care of your chinchillas is ensuring that you are careful on the type of food you give them. Also, for you chinchillas to live for many years, you should ensure that you give them food in the right quantity. Basically, the digestive system of chinchillas is very sensitive. Feeding your chinchillas with special diet can help prevent health issues. It is paramount to appreciate that the rodents were used to feeding on food that is fat-free and fresh vegetables in the wild. This means that you cannot afford to give your chinchillas any food you come across.

You can feed your chinchillas on fresh hay and good quality pellets every day. Stomach upset is a common condition that chinchillas can suffer from if they eat any food. In case you want to change the food that your chinchillas are used to feeding, make sure that you make the changes gradually. The most appropriate food for the chinchillas are fresh hays. This is because the chinchillas are used to eating fresh hays while in the wild forest.

Giving your chinchillas enough hay during the day can help to maintain the right balance in their system of digestion. Basically, chinchillas love chewing. Chewing hay can help to keep the teeth of chinchillas strong and healthy. Make sure that you do not feed the chinchillas with hay that is soiled since it is not good for their health.

For you to have healthy chinchillas, it is paramount to make sure that you choose the right hay. For best results, make sure that you select the right mix of hays. The best types of hay for your chinchillas include orchard grass, timothy hay, and legume hay. Having a combination of grasses is paramount in ensuring that you have healthy chinchillas. If finding the grasses locally is challenging, consider browsing the internet to find these grasses. These websites also allow people to ship grasses at a pocket-friendly cost.

When buying your chinchillas some hay, the color of the hay is not a factor that you must consider. Whether the hay is green, or dark, leafy hay will provide the nutrients that your chinchillas need. As much as the color does not matter, dark brown hay is not good for your chinchillas. This is because it could be a sign of mildew that is poisonous to the chinchillas. Make sure that you do not feed the chinchillas on dusty hay. You can tell if the hay is good by simply smelling at it. Good hay should have a sweet smell.

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