Easy way to move your WordPress website to another host

There are times when we need to move our website/blog from one host to another for many reasons. It could be downtime issue/overcharging for hosting after first year, hosting, issues and many more.

It really becomes pain in ass for the guys who are not very good at technical issues especially handing with the database and cPanel. It really becomes a tough situation and for that challenge you need to learn today how easily and quickly you can move/migrate your website/blog from one host to another without knowing any technical aspects.

It is all about a simple WordPress plugin called, “All in one wp migration“. Okay, let’s see how to do that so adequately.

Let’s begin adding the plugin first.
Login to your WordPress admin section. Ex: www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin
On the left below you will find plugin section, click on that then click add new.

Type on the right side search section with, “All in one wp migration” hit enters.

Click “install now”, it will not take more than few seconds to install it. Then click on activate. Now your plugin has been activated and ready to work.

Now on the left side section, look under the tolls there is our “All in one wp migration” plugin. Click on it and you would see three options are there.

Click on export and instantly you would find a new window with options. Select Export to, “File”

It will give you a brand new downloading window. A pop-up window with fine size and fine into it will appear. Click on download and it shortly starts the download. You can save it on your desired location.

Once saved.
Change the Nameservers for your domain from the domain provider.
Install WordPress to the new host after adding the domain name.

Now login again to your new WordPress site and install the “All in one wp migration” here again that you already have learn above.

Now, click on the “All in one wp migration” under the tools menu in the left side bar.

Click “import”. You have a new window with options. Click on import from and get to the location where you have saved the backup file.

It will start the importing feature and you will have a track bar for this download.

Once the importing process is 100% done, click on “continue” button that will only appear after importing. Soon this process will be completed automatically as well.

Now, logout from your website then log back in with your username and password. You have backed up everything on your new host from the old website.

Now, you have to make one single change that is very important. Go to end of the left side bar and click on the setting->Permalinks->Custom Structure and write here, “/%postname%/” a click on save changes option at the bottom.

Voila! You just have moved your website from old host to a brand new without any hassle. You can perform same action if you have more than one website.

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