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Top Reasons to Join Beer of the Month Clubs

There are a lot of benefits in becoming a member of any beer of the month club that is found near you. Though the details that one beer of the month club offers are not similar to another club, the benefits that both of them offer are similar. Each month, when you are a member of this club, six packs of fresh beer will go to you from one microbrewery and another set of six packs from another microbrewery. Newsletters are even provided by these clubs that will tell you some interesting information about the kind of beer that you are drinking. These newsletters include columns, letters, recipes, and articles.

If you talk about the choices of beers that you will be getting, they are different each season. This gives you some assurance that you will be getting different Oktoberfest beers, Christmas brews, kinds of wheat, bocks, and the like. For sure, you will be exposed to different beer varieties that you have not yet tasted in your life.

The popularity of beer of the month clubs is on the rise with their aim of gaining as many members as they can. This is one of the reasons why each club tries to get more members as they can. There are some beer clubs that will be giving you hard to find brews that also come with the highest standards. After they are brewed freshly from the breweries, they are then shipped within a couple of days.

However, you have to be mindful of certain details when it comes to this beer of the month clubs. One of the things that you need to remember about these clubs will have to be the fact that they are only made legal in fourteen states. And yet, this should not be something that you consider a great deal about when your state is among the fourteen states that legalize them. Upon shipping of the beers, adults are often the only ones allowed to sign them so that minors are kept out of these beers. For those who prefer beers in different flavors, this kind of club will surely bring in something to your taste buds every month. This gives you the assurance to taste as many beer varieties as you can.

There is no denying just how many beers you will be drinking when you will be part of this kind of beer club. You just have to make sure to read as much about the potential beer of the month clubs you are choosing from as you can. You will be able to learn as many things about these beer clubs as you can when you look them up online. Read as many reviews and feedback posted by their members. You have to also see to it to learn more about the kind of beer that they are sending to their members and what kind they are shipping in. In this way, you know that you are not being part of something that you do not want to.

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