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Things to Consider Prior to Selecting Your Identity and Access Management Solution

Identity and access management might be the most essential aspect your cybersecurity platform. The consensus as given by CTOs, IT security professionals and CISOs across the world is that in the field identity is seen to be a most pressing issue. It is considered to be more pressing than malware. Selecting the appropriate identity solution for your enterprise can really prove to be difficult. The identity solution you settle for can potential cause effects that are both long-lasting and rippling. Discussed below are a number of things that you should prioritize when selecting an identity and access solution.

For starters, consider the issue that you want to take care of by the identity solution. On its face you may take this as a trite question. Actually, this aspect has proven to be misleadingly complicated for enterprises of any size. There have been a lot of cases where enterprises look for an identity solution without understanding properly the problem they are seeking to solve. Void of this self-knowledge the opportunities of a successfully deploying IAM slips to nothing

Secondly, you should make a decision on if it is necessary to have a managed identity solution. In the event that your IT security team is not capable of handling your identity and access management solution you should go for a managed identity solution. Due to the digital age, your digital team is charged with the responsibility of handling a lot of customers. As a result being able to take away the burden that comes with a number of responsibilities associated with identity solutions is great news for any enterprise. To add to that different identity solutions are going to need different levels of tech knowledge. This is not normally simple to come by at this age.

The other thing to consider is the number of identities you wish secured. You may take this to be the most obvious thing. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you are careful. Since it can be the most deceptive one. If you are a B2B facing enterprise, you may give in to just counting all your employees. However that is just not the way to go. For starters, you need to make a point of considering the third parties that might you may permit to access your IT environment for some reason. Keep in mind that among the worst date breached that has ever happened in the past have been due to hackers managing to infiltrate the third parties.

Lastly, you should decide whether cloud adoption or digital transformation is suitable for your enterprise. The recent craze for enterprises is of every size is cloud adoption as well as digital transformation.

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