Teach your children to learn animal sounds with Google.

Google is always updating features that are very useful for us, especially in education. This time, Google the most popular search engine in the world have bought a new feature called animal sounds that will help parents or parents to teach their children or younger on different animal sounds. Actually, it makes people perform their tasks with ease and provide search results that Google makes the user more comfortable to perform their task or learn something new in a different way and easily.

google animal noises feature

This feature has a total of 19 animal sounds like Lion, Tiger, Zebra, Ape, Cat, Cow, Dog, Duck, Elephant, Horse, Moose, Owl, Pig, Raccoon, Rooster, Sheep, Turkey, Turtle, Bowhead whale and Humpback whale. This app will help your kids a lot to know the sound of the animal and their name easily. This sounds just make you feel like you are listening live to them.

t is quite easy, just search “animal sounds” in Google and it will come with number of animals, their names and a sample of what sound do they make. You can even search “animal noises” that will also bring you the same result or “What does the dog say”, to bring up a specific animal sound result.


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