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How to Find the Best Mammography Facility

In the past few years the need for mammography services has risen. Most people do mammograms at least annually. However, finding a good mammography facility is very trick. You should be able to know more about the facility you choose for your mammograms. Mammography facilities should be all about high quality care services. Below are some of the factors to consider before choosing a mammography facility.

How credible is the facility. You should ask yourself if the facility has received the necessary accidentals from the responsible authorities. A good mammography facility should be accredited with proper staff training, equipment, safety precautions and quality assurance.

Another factor to consider is the technical staff. The expertise of the radiologist is very important. It is mostly advisable to choose a mammography center with imaging specialists to be on the better and safe side. However, in the situation where there are no special trained specialist for mammograms, find a facility with experienced radiologists in reading mammograms. Radiologists with a high experience in mammogram reading are better off in detecting abnormalities.

Find out how updated and reliable are their equipment. With the modern advanced technology, the accuracy of detecting abnormalities is also rising. This means a good mammography facility should have the best updated modern equipment.

Ask if the mammography will be able to offer follow up services after the original mammography sessions. Despite the uplift of screening technology in the past few years, they are still not very accurate. Therefore, a follow up service will be an added advantage. Facilities with follow up and call back services will reduce your number of visits to their premises should you choose one with these services. This will reduce the burden and will ensure that you get the same specialist to perform your checks and treatments.

Consider how much you can spend. Different mammography facilities have different tariffs in relation to their location, quality and any specialized services offered. Make sure you choose the facility that is affordable and will carter for all your mammography screening needs. If you have a health insurance, then find out if they may take it. Initially, Learn what your insurance covers. If the insurance can not cover all the services the facility is offering, then be sure to know how much extra cost you will get. You can always ask for help from the billing department in the facility.

Choosing the best mammography facility is only the first step. Patients should learn self-discipline. Ensure you plan your mammograms same time each year. If you are changing facility make sure to avail your previous records from the previous facility. Contact your radiologist in case you notice any abnormalities even if you have done the mammography.

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