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Auto Glass Tips and How Double Paned Windows are Repaired

One of the essential parts of a car is the glass. There many functions of the glass that the vehicle have. Examples of those functions are like protecting the passengers of accidents happens, and also the glass is both aesthetic and regal. Windshields in the past were seen as luxuries. The importance of auto glass is seen with safe driving. When the auto glass is being manufactured, the norms that were set by the federal crash and rollover standards are followed. Safety glass is the other name of auto glass. Auto glass is divided into two categories which are tempered and laminated.

Even in the past, the laminated glass was used as windshields in vehicles. This type of auto glass is manufactured by placing two glass panes, and a sheet of clear plastic film. It is then sealed by use of heat and pressure. The plastic film is important because it is the one that prevents the glass from shattering which might cause injuries. Blocking of high frequency noise and ultraviolet radiation is done by the laminated glass.

Among the two auto glass, tempered is the strongest because it is made using heat and sudden cooling. Shattering does not happen when breakage happens to tempered glass. The only thing that happens is the formation of small sharp pebble-like pieces. Tempered glass is the one that is mostly used in the side and rear windows of vehicles. Resistance to wind and impact and also being strong are the features that make tempered glass to be different from the laminated glass.

The insulation character that is found with the double paned windows is the one that makes them well-known. During the summer, they offer cold air and during winter they provide warm air which is an advantage because the utility bills are saved. There is a trapped gas or air that is between the panes that increase the insulation. If a crack develops in this glass, fog will start to be seen between the glass panes. You will see drops of condensation if the mist does not appear in the double paned glass. Double pane window can also be repaired and for this reason, you should not decide to replace it if its damaged.

A professional who will fix the double pane windows is the one that you should get first. They drill a tiny hole in one of the corners of the window. After the hole is drilled, they blow some cleaners into space. In the upper part of the window, another hole is also drilled. When they blow the air into the first hole, the second hole act as an escape route for the cleaners. If the inside part of the double pane window gets cleaned, a drying agent is blown in the top hole.

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