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The Healing Benefits Of Compression Socks

Compression socks are also called compression stockings or the support socks and they are specially designed to not only offer support to the legs and the feet but to also boost blood circulation to the legs. Health problems such as phlebitis, deep pain thrombosis, fatigue,swelling of feet and leg cramps can be developed when one has spent long hours running, walking or jumping which makes the gravity to cause the blood to be collected at the areas around the feet. The compression stockings were therefore designed to offer graduated pressure to the feet and legs so that the overall blood circulation is improved. This way the compression socks helps in preventing leg and feet swelling that can occur due to medical conditions,long distance travel and long distance travel.

The compression stockings are usually recommended by physicians for patients who frequently develops swollen legs or ankles, people with insufficient circulation, thrombosis or varicose veins. The compression socks are available in varying degrees of pressure. This means you should consult the doctor on the pressure range that you need in order to purchase the right compression stocking. The compression stockings are designed to offer more pressure at areas close to the ankles and the pressure reduces gradually as you move towards the knees. This is particularly the case so that the pressure allows the blood to move towards the heart and not pool up around the feet and legs.

The compression socks were initially used by patients who were recovering after surgery and those who had problems with blood circulation. However, today the compression socks are used for many other reasons.
Conditions such as deep vein thrombosis,cramps and swollen legs can also be witnessed with travelers of long flights and therefore the compression socks are recommended. Some long journeys can result in the pooling of blood around the legs especially where the traveler finds it hard or even impossible to flex and move around. It is during such long journeys that the compression socks will be useful because they help a lot in blood circulation. When athletes are running or jumping, the compression socks are also highly useful as an additional support. The support socks are also worn by employees whose nature of work requires that they are on their feet for long periods. You can buy the compression socks from drugstores or from online stores that deal with the same. The compression socks can be found in various colors and styles both for men and for ladies.

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