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Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Currently, the majority of homeowners and builder like better fiber cement cladding or siding than the other types of siding. Selecting the right cladding for your home can be a daunting task given that there are a large assortment of cladding and colors to choose from. Normally, the cladding is one of the prime investments you can make for the exterior of your home, and therefore it should be visually attractive and functional alike. Fiber cement cladding is able to cover all these concerns and also ensure that you attain curb appeal that fits your needs and preferences. There is a lot a homeowner can benefit from fiber cement kidding part from great home curb appeal. Beneath are some outstanding avails of using fiber cement siding.

Wood always has a look of elegance yet simple but the problem is using wood for siding material can be quite costly, however when you use fiber cement cladding you are can achieve the look of wood but a far less maintenance cost. Painted or polished wood is attractive but it is not easy to retain that look as you will need to be ready for frequent upkeep and will obviously be costly, but if you are not ready for this, you can use fiber cement cladding instead. When you use wood for sidings, definitely you will need paint jobs and to stain them every so often depending on the elements of weather. Fiber cement will have a longer duration before having them painted or performing any maintenance you can stay for ten to fifteen years without upkeeps or even longer. Moreover, when you compare the fiber cement siding to the vinyl cladding, the earlier tends to retain its shape and color longer than the later.

The other problem when using wood-based cladding materials is that they are prone to destruction by pest which increases the cost of maintenance and also increases the risk of pest infestation.Cement board cladding are preferred over wood cladding as they are resistant to vermin, hence you will not be concerned about your siding being infested with termites, rats or even woodpeckers. Since the cement board cladding will ward off the vermin; you will do not have to worry about getting pesticides or hire professional exterminators.

Another reasons, why fiber cement cladding is popular today, is because there will be less flaking and decaying of the material than other materials like wood because of humid conditions. Although the siding material is not entirely water resistant, there will fewer issues related to humidity or moisture when using fiber cement for siding compared to using wood. In addition, fiber cement siding are good in resisting fire. The fiber cement is fireproof, and most importantly it carries a Class 1 flame spread score which is the top level defense from flame; hence you are protected.

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